Toni & Micah | A beautiful winter wedding

Pasadena, Maryland Wedding Photography

My last wedding of 2019 couldn’t have been for a sweeter couple! As I was driving over to meet Toni to start the photography for her wedding day I was thinking about how long we’ve known each other. It’s crazy because it doesn’t feel like that much time has passed but I realized we have known each other for about 21 years!! We went to school together, our birthdays are 1 day apart and her daughter actually shares my birth date with me! I couldn’t have been happier to be a part of Toni & Micah’s wedding day. Toni is always doing for others and I am so happy she found such a wonderful man in Micah. These two are the sweetest and I couldn’t be happier for them… yes I know I used some form of the word “happy” a lot, but that just shows you how serious I am! haha Congratulations Toni & Micah, I wish you a lifetime of happiness!

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