Shayne & Brantley

Baltimore, Maryland Children's Photography

For the past nine summers (give or take a few for certain reasons) we have set a side a special day in the summer to meet up. I’ve made my Godson sit or stand in the same spots every year, this year he even knew exactly where we were heading first! Eventually he’s going to hate having me make him do these silly things just for some photos, but these are some of my very favorite photos of him. I just love seeing how much he changes year after year! And this year we got to introduce his little brother Brantley to the tradition!  So at least when Shayne thinks he’s “too cool” for his crazy Godmother’s pictures, I’ll still have his little brother to bride him with pictures. =) I cant wait to watch Brantley grow through these just like his big brother. It’s going to be such a great way to see their similarities and differences! I love these little guys and I’m always thankful for our time together … even if that means it pours down rain during the middle of our picnic and we have to high tail it to the car! =)

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I’m prejudiced but my two great nephews are handsome, cute, adorable and I Must add Love their Aunt Stacey’s camera.
Thank you Stacey for sharing.

Absolutely Precious!

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