Samantha & Chris | Rocks State Park Engagement

Jarrettsville, Maryland Engagement Photography

When I first started chatting with Samantha about their engagement portraits she knew she wanted some type of lookout area. We went back and forth on a couple of locations and then switched to Rocks State Park for the King & Queens Seat…. we had no idea what we were getting in to! haha. We both searched and searched online to try and find the best access point to get us to the King & Queens Seat and we found it… or we thought we did. Holy Moly guys! It felt like we climbed a mountain to get up there! We just kept going and going, straight up through rocky terrain.. we obviously did not go the right way. haha. After we finally made it to the top we found out that there was a parking area RIGHT THERE! Seriously people! lol. But we made it and it was beautiful!! Thank you guys for hiking up a mountain with me! I can not wait for your wedding next year!

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