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maddie1yr_blog_0001Little Miss Maddie has been boycotting smiles from her photo shoots since day one, but that all changed when it came time for her one year shoot! Missy couldn’t stop smiling, clapping and walking all over the place. Her first birthday party theme was a “tea party” so of course we had to have our own tea party. I love these sweet moments we were able to capture of her. Hope you had a wonderful birthday sweet girl!

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Being Maddie Grace’s great-uncle, I am a bit biased. Your photos show her precious face and adorable personality in every shot you captured! She just loves the camera. Love your work from her birth photos to these 1-year shots! Looking forward to the final photos.

Love looking at these beautiful photos of little Maddie. Watching her grow is one of my favorites. Just adorable

Stacey Lee you did it AGAIN. These pics are simply unbelievable!!! I said it before but I must repeat myself, you are SO INCREDIBLY GIFTED. Thanks so much for the awesome memories.

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