This past Sunday Liz and I ventured out to Patapsco State Park for a really fun shoot! It was THE hottest day of the week and full of humidity but it was totally worth it! First we got a few normal shots, then we really had some fun! Our idea was to go to “Cascade Falls” which from what we found online was this little pond with a cute waterfall in the back.. well once we got to the end of the trail we realized that wasn’t the case. It was a HUGE man made wall that water poured over so needless to say that ruined that idea! But as when we were walking down the trail we noticed these cute little rocks and thought that we might as well just try this area.. Well i am glad we did! I LOVE the way these turned out and the color of her dress was perfect!! Thanks Liz for getting all dirty and doing everything I asked! =) I hope you all enjoy them as much as I do, have fun! =)

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very Ophelia-esque. LOVE the water shots. Very creative Stacey!

Nice shooting..
Are you still in touch with Liz?
I am interested in buying the trashed green prom dress as is, no cleaning required.
Please feel free to contact me for more info or pass my message to Liz
Thank you for your time and help

WHOA! These are beautiful! Really perfect dress for a trashing in a river like that. I’d say do one of the B&W river shots with the dress colored but you probably tried that. That green is so strong maybe it was overwhelming. Really Beautiful.

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