a Annapolis, Maryland Children's Session

CHARLOTTE_BLOG_0001This past Monday I met up with this little cutie for her one year portraits! Thankfully this crazy weather cooperated with us and gave us just enough time to get them in! Isn’t she adorable? She was so full of smiles, well, until she decided that she was done. haha. But then as we were walking back to the car, she just kept smiling! Little stinker! Love these sweet moments that we were able to capture to celebrate her first birthday! CHARLOTTE_BLOG_0002 CHARLOTTE_BLOG_0003 CHARLOTTE_BLOG_0004 CHARLOTTE_BLOG_0005 CHARLOTTE_BLOG_0006 CHARLOTTE_BLOG_0007 CHARLOTTE_BLOG_0008 CHARLOTTE_BLOG_0009 CHARLOTTE_BLOG_0010 CHARLOTTE_BLOG_0011 CHARLOTTE_BLOG_0012 CHARLOTTE_BLOG_0013 CHARLOTTE_BLOG_0014 CHARLOTTE_BLOG_0015 CHARLOTTE_BLOG_0016CHARLOTTE_BLOG_0017 CHARLOTTE_BLOG_0018 CHARLOTTE_BLOG_0019 CHARLOTTE_BLOG_0020 CHARLOTTE_BLOG_0021 CHARLOTTE_BLOG_0022 CHARLOTTE_BLOG_0023 CHARLOTTE_BLOG_0024 CHARLOTTE_BLOG_0025 CHARLOTTE_BLOG_0026 CHARLOTTE_BLOG_0027 CHARLOTTE_BLOG_0028

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