Brittany & Kyle

Annapolis, Maryland Wedding Photographer


When a couple trusts you 100% to be the one to capture their love story it truly is a wonderful feeling. And that’s exactly how Brittany & Kyle were on their big day, they trusted all my suggestions and it was such a joy to work with them. They were married in the Annapolis Court House and they packed that room with their closest friends and family for a truly beautiful day. After the ceremony the three of us headed over to the Paca House & Gardens for portraits and I’m so glad we went here!! It was my first time there and I am obsessed! It was the perfect backdrop for them. I love all moments we were able to capture there. Afterwards we headed across the bridge to Annie’s for their reception where we were blessed with a gorgeous sunset to end the evening! Congratulation’s again you two and thank you so much for letting me be a part of it!

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One word describes…… Awesome !!!!!!!

Beautiful photos , backdrops , and subjects …how could you go wrong ??? Great photos …down to earth gal …working with the guests !

Fantastic photos! Congrats Mr & Mrs Wallace

Could not ask for better….gorgeous photos and gorgeous couple. Captured by a very talented photographer. Excellent collection of the very special day.

Absolutely Beautiful!!!!!!
Love ya guys., and Many many happy years together

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