Brittany & John {Pasadena, Maryland Couple’s Photographer}

I met this couple 5 years ago when I photographed their wedding. They are just as sweet as the first day that I met them. This couple has so much love for each other and their family that it just radiates out of them and everything they do. They have become great friends of mine and I am so thankful for them! When Brittany asked me to do their photos I was so excited and all kinds of ideas started flowing through my head, thankfully, we kind of like the same things so she loved my idea with the mason jars & candles! =) We ended up doing it a little different then originally planned but it turned out more perfect than I could have ever hoped! I am SO so so in love with all these photos. These two are perfect, and even though they make think different, they made my job super easy and I had so much fun with them that evening! Thanks Brittany & John, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Love you guys! =)

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These photos are awesome. Your the best!

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