Australia … Part 1

If you would have told me that 2016 would have started out with me traveling through the South Pacific I would have said you were crazy! Ive always wanted to visit Australia … and just so everyone knows, no their toilets do not flush the opposite way, so yea, there’s that. haha. But it is just absolutely gorgeous and so amazing. It still feels a little bit weird that I was on the other side of the world and my winter was super HOT because obviously its summer down there during our winter. I feel so lucky though that I was able to go over there and explore this beautiful country. My friend Jac lives in Australia so it was the perfect opportunity to be able to visit her and explore with someone who actually knows all the good stuff! I have way too many favorite photos from my time here, so I broke it up into two posts. This first one will give you a glimpse of Brisbane, The Australia Zoo (where I got to snuggle a Koala, walk a wombat and play with a Dingo!!) and beautiful Hamilton Island (where I took my first ever helicopter ride!!). While these images are mostly all taken with my big girl camera theres also a view GoPro & iPhone photos in the mix as well! I hope you will have the chance to explore this wonderful country one day, I cant wait to get back and wander around some more! =)

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